Public Art

Public Artworks.

"Water Memory - Vesimuisti", 2018
Environmental Art & Light Art depicting small water drops that make a larger waterdrop and then mutate to DNA-double-helix, Turku, 2018
Location: Messukentänkatu, Turku, FINLAND, 60.449058,22.179824

“Aurinkotuulen Viemää - Gone With the Solar Wind”, 2017 - 2018
Environmental Art, Mural & Light Art depicting Solar Wind and Birth of Polar Lights
Location: Väinölänkatu 19, Turku, FINLAND, 60.463788, 22.205537

"Ahoy!", 2017
- Temporary Environmental Installation for Tall Ships Races, Turku, July 20 to 23, 2017
(middle of the chimney artwork: Mario Merz, "Fibonacci Sequence 1–55", 1994, stainless steel, neon lights)
Location: Linnankatu 65, Turku, FINLAND, 60.4390217, 22.2375104

"Vuorenpeikon temppeli -  Temple of the Troll", 2016
- Environmental Installation and Wall Painting of sleeping troll with an authentic Egyptian temple surrounding.
Location: Pernontie 254, Turku, FINLAND, 60.461973, 22.153573

"Vuorenneito - Mountain Maiden", 2015
- Environmental Installation and Wall Painting  of
sleeping troll girl and an alarm clock with wind chimes on top.
Location: Luolavuorentie, Turku, FINLAND, 60°25'49.7"N 22°17'16.9"E

"Window of the Sun", 2015
- Environmental and Video Installation of modified NASAs video footage of the sun reflected on 11 metres gas ball from 1937.
"Elements", 2016
Video Installation displayed together with Window of the Sun
Video Projection Hours (bottom of page). Photos: Esko Keski-Oja
Location: Kaasukello, Matruusinpolku, Turku, Finland, 60°26'10.4"N 22°14'42.1"E

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